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We are thrilled to announce our cast for our 
11th Annual Shakespeare In The Park! #LoveIsTricky 

 Wendy Almeida – The Countess of Rousillon  Bryan Hebert – Bertram, her son, the Count of Rousillon  Sarah Katka – Helena, in love with Bertram  Brenda Fox Tree – Diana, Florentine friend of Helena  Heather McCormack – The Queen of France  Michael Redmond – Parolles, a follower of Bertram  Susie Ericson-West – Violenta, Diana’s Mother  Peter Eisenstadter – Lafeu, an elder Lord  Alexis McCormack – Lafeu's Daughter  Carin Torp – Gentlewoman, confidant to Queen and Countess  Mia Moravis – Mariana, friend to Violenta  Alana Korda – Rinalda, personal assistant to the Countess  Russ Warshaw – First Lord  Chris McCartie – Second Lord   Hank Parkhurst – Priest; Queen’s Servant