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Actors' Circle Theatre will be casting for our spring production of Solomon Deep's FortNight. FortNight is an electric performance series in the tradition of live old time radio.

The audition is comprised of selected reading of script sides, and actors interested in singing roles are asked to prepare a short, modern song to sing a capella at the audition. Rehearsals will be one night a week until the performances, and a second weekly rehearsal for singers.  Performances are tentatively the first and second weekends in May.

DATES: FEBRUARY 17 & 19 2014, 7-9 PM

No appointment necessary

LOCATION: 2 Concord Street, Peterborough, NH

SYNOPSIS: Episode One is the origins of FortNight's new era of underground live radio entertainment that some audience members have described as “innovative,” and “an electrifying blend of Garrison Keillor meets David Lynch.” A mysterious writer, Solomon Deep, introduces us to the Central Massachusetts city of Fort Night. Entering the city the first time himself, Deep wanders the unfamiliar streets until he happens upon a stranger, Myers Penman, who introduces Deep to the city and assists in finding a home. Penman immediately opens his heart to Deep, and we learn of his youth marking the end of the Korean War, to his dramatic beat-generation confrontation with marriage, love, and a postwar identity. Where many of the greatest generation have commemorated the years with the American Dream, the truth remains just a fingernail-scratch beneath the veneer of time. 


TEEN BARISTA – 16-18y (2014)
MYERS PENMAN – 61y (2014)
YOUNG MYERS PENMAN – 20y (1953), 30y (1963)
BARRY WATERS – 20y (1953), 30y (1963)
MRS. PENMAN – Mother of Myers, 40-50y (1953)
MR. PENMAN – Father of Myers, 40-50y (1953)
VERA DAWES – 18-23y (1953), 28-33 (1963)
ADRIAN BRYSON – 20-30y (1963)
SHARON CARTER – “Madam Madcap” (1963) 20-35y
CYNTHIA BRYSON [actor can double to MRS.PENMAN] – 30-50y (2014)
FOREMAN [actor can double to MR.PENMAN] – 40-60y (1963)
STEPHEN COLLINS [actor can double to MR.PENMAN] – 50-60y (1963)
TREVOR PENMAN [actor can double to BARISTA]– 8-15y (1963)
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Monday, February 17
Wednesday, February 19