Auditions for Shakespeare In The Park 2015!

Announcing Auditions for Shakespeare in the Park 2015!

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Auditions for ACT's Shakespeare in the Park 2015: Love's Labour's Lost.

April 26, 5PM


April 28, 7PM

(Performances August 1, 2, 8, and 9, 2015) 

Ferdinand, King of Navarre, and his three pals have sworn “not to see ladies, study, fast, not sleep” for three years. Unfortunately, their timing is a bit off. It’s 1967, the “summer of love,” and the Princess of France and her three pals have just arrived in Navarre, ready for anything.


Join Actors’ Circle Theatre as we tackle this seldom-performed war-between-the-sexes comedy and answer the question, “Can you take the sex out of ‘sex, drugs and rock and roll’?”


PETERBOROUGH TOWN LIBRARY, 2 Concord Street (corner of Main and Concord Streets), Peterborough, NH 03458


April 26, 5 PM

April 28, 7 PM

What do I need to do?

Download the following PDFs that contain the Audition Form, Audition Sides, and Preliminary Performance Script

ACT Audition Sheet, Shakespeare in the Park LovesLabours Lost

ACT AUDITION SIDES Shakespeare in the Park LovesLaboursLost


If you are interested in auditioning but cannot make the scheduled audition date(s), please call Wendy Almeida at (603) 878-2670 to make other arrangements. 

Characters in the Play

NOTE: There have been substantial cuts to the script. The roles of Don Adriano, Mote, Holofernes and Nathaniel have suffered the most cuts.


  • FERDINAND, King of Navarre: serious, studious and determined
  • BIRON: a wit; an early version of Much Ado’s Benedick 
  • LONGAVILLE & DUMAINE: other friends joining Ferdinand in his social experiment
  • DON ADRIANO DE ARMADO: a fantastic Spaniard whose phrases multiply like rabbits; in love with Jaquenetta
  • COSTARD: more multi-dimensional than the typical Shakespearean clown; in love with Jaquenetta 
  • BOYET: the Princess’s male attendant; a bit of a toady


  • PRINCESS OF FRANCE: a no-nonsense monarch with little patience for flatterers
  • ROSALINE: Biron’s counterpart
  • MARIA & KATHERINE: to round out the romantic octet
  • JAQUENETTA: a very popular young lady

Sex to Be Determined

  • MOTE: Don Adriano’s page
  • DULL: the local constable
  • HOLOFERNES: the pedant
  • NATHANIEL: the curate
  • MERCADE: a messenger from France


Audition Pieces for The Comedy of Errors

Comedy of Errors Design


We would love to have anyone and everyone come out for auditions for William Shakespeare's The Comedy of Errors, and we would love to provide you with the audition information as well as the pieces used in the audition!

When: Tuesday, May 13 from 7:00PM- 9:00PM

Where: Peterborough Town Library, 2 Concord St, Peterborough, NH 03458

What: Audition consists of directed readings of the following sides from the script by William Shakespeare.  You do not need to come prepared with anything more than something to write with and ability to perform a variety of parts from the following selections:




Best of luck, and hope to see you there!