Shakespeare in the Park 2015 (and 2014, and 2013, etc…)

More information about Shakespeare in the Park 2015 coming soon…

Over the next couple weeks we thought we would share the news that ACT is slowly making our yearly summer Shakespeare a gift to share with the world by posting them online in their entirety! Find all videos in the "Watch!" section of the ACT website, and share them far and wide! 


We begin with the Fifth Annual Shakespeare in the Park, THE TEMPEST!


Actors' Circle Theatre Presents
Shakespeare in the Park 2012
The Tempest
Filmed Live in HD at
The Peterborough Historical Society
Rain Location for Depot Square Park
in Peterborough New Hampshire
August 12, 2012
Our 2012 production, the fifth annual Actors Circle Theatre Shakespeare in the Park, was The Tempest.
Director's Note
Welcome to the Park. I am to pleased to present the fifth edition of what has now become an Actor's Circle Theatre summer tradition. Some of our cast members have appeared in all of the previous productions (Much Ado About Nothing, The Taming of the Shrew, The Merry Wines of Windsor, and As You Like It), while some are not only new to this show, but are performing Shakespeare for the first time. It is both a challenge and a privilege to put together a show with both veterans and newcomers to the stage, and I hope that you will agree that they have all risen to the occasion to bring this poetic tale to life.
The Tempest is described as one of Shakespeare's "problem plays," so called because it does not fit neatly into the mold of a tragedy or comedy. While this may be a problem for the scholars, it is a great opportunity for a director and for an audience, because it means that it offers something for everyone. A shipwreck, a love story, murder plots, revenge, broad drunken comedy, music, and magic are all separate threads that are woven together with the Bard's brilliant language to culminate in the triumph of forgiveness. It is said that The Tempest was the last play that Shakespeare wrote. Thanks to your continued support, for Act, it should be one of many more to come.
– Chris McCartie
Prospero – Bert Torsey
Caliban – Scott Gardner
Ariel – Mia Moravis
Miranda – Clare Margand
Ferdinand – Jakob Stone
Alonso – Michael Redmond
Gonzalo – Peter Eisenstadter
Antonia – Wendy Almeida
Sebastian – Heather McCormack
Adrian – Merrilyn Taylor
Francisco – Sarah Taylor
Stephano – Garrett Zecker
Trinculo – Jason Barshevsky
Boatswain – John Franklin
Master of the Ship – Henry Parkhurst
Manners – Steve Bourque, Jason Barshevsky
Spirits – Emma Crowley
Spirits – Alana Korda
Spirits – Alexandra Woodford
Young Miranda – Alexis McCormack
August 4, 5, 11, 12, 2012
Directed by Chris McCartie
Film Production by David Teubner
Artwork in the public domain:
Music provided by Youtube Audio Library :
Blue Danube – Strauss
Salgre – Jimmy Fontanez
Music Provided by Dr Tom Benjamin and the Internet Archive:
"If You Were the Only Girl in the World and I Were the only Boy
by arranged and performed by Dr Tom Benjamin"
Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Australia