Quick Update!

Two small update to the upcoming FortNight performances…

We have received word from the producer that the MAY 3 and 4 times are a little different, and we will have some more information when it becomes available…

  • May 3 time will be changing to a later time for the show to begin.  We will provide more informaiton when it is available, however it is likely going to be 9 or 9:30.
  • May 4 time may float before or after the original 5:00, and we will provide more information when that is available as well.  This particular performance's presales are going to be removed from the online ticketing app until we have a definitive final answer.

Want some great, definitive news?  

  • All tickets are immediately reduced to $8! 

Anyone who purchased tickets online with a credit card will be refunded their $2, and exchanges related to the time changes are allowed for the next two weeks.  Stay tuned!